July 27, 1923 Born, Radom, Poland
Father: Leibush Mendel Zisserman (b. 1895, Radom, d. 1942, on the way to Treblinka)
Mother: Chana Chava Kleiman (b. 1894, Dzialoszyce, d. Auschwitz, 1944)
Siblings: Rayzel Chaya (b. 1917, d. 1943 or 1944, Treblinka), Beila Yehudit (b. 1919, d. 1942, Treblinka), Pinchas (b. 1925, d. Radom, 1938), Ester Rachel (b. 1927, d. 1943 or 1944, Treblinka)
1929 Began heder (traditional orthodox education) at age 6
 Fall 1937 Attended preparatory yeshiva for Yeshivas Hachmey Lublin, Rakhev, Poland
Spring 1938 Brother, Pinye (Pinchas) died, in spring after Pesach. Returned from yeshiva to study at home for semester. Observance of the year of mourning prevented family from emigrating to Israel.
Summer 1939 Studied in Otwock with Hasidim
1939-1944 September, 1939: Nazis entered Radom.

Lived with family and Jews of Radom in the Radom ghetto.

Active in underground heders  for Jewish children during occupation

His father, Leibush Mendel, organized aid for the ill in the ghetto.

1944-45 Summer, 1944: transferred from the Radom ghetto to Auschwitz and then to concentration camp in Kochendorf, Germany.

March, 1945: escaped while on march to Dachau

Liberated from Ulm prison by US Army

Worked as clerk for the US Army

Lived in Feldafing displaced persons (DP) camp

 February 1947  Was sponsored by Jakob Gold family, Philadephia, and brought to USA
 1947-1950 Taught Hebrew school in Louisville, Kentucky
1950-53 Attended Roosevelt University and College of Jewish Studies in Chicago

M.H.L., College of Jewish Studies (1952); B.A., Roosevelt University (1953)

Began studies at Jewish Theological Seminary, New York (1953)

1955-1956 Spent year in Israel. In spring, helped to build fortification trenches to protect border kibbutzim from attacks by Egyptian Fedayeen
1957 Granted M.H.L degree and ordained as rabbi by Jewish Theological Seminary of America
1957-58 Director, B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation and Interim Professor of Jewish Studies, Iowa State University
1958 Appointed Associate Director of Harvard Hillel, where he began his efforts to inspire, teach, and mentor Jewish students, faculty, staff and alumni at Harvard and in the surrounding community
1958 Married Carol Goldschmidt
1959 First daughter Hannah born
1962 Second daughter Merav born
1965 Founded a small egalitarian congregation primarily attended by students, later to become the Worship and Study congregation at Harvard Hillel, attended by students, faculty, and community
 1967 Became Director of Harvard Hillel
1965-1990, at Harvard Hillel Instituted Friday night Table Talks with songs in Yiddish and Hebrew and with talks by professors at Harvard

Nurtured Jewish faculty connections to Judaism through activities including regular lunch meetings at Harvard Faculty Club

Invited renowned writers and thought leaders to speak at Harvard

Led annual egalitarian High Holiday services at Harvard that included interactive discussion and that grew in size to over three thousand attendees

1973 Instituted annual music programs on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) devoted to celebrating the music and culture of the Jews in Europe before World War II
1974 Celebrated the the move of Harvard Hillel to the Reisman building on 74 Mt. Auburn Street in Harvard Square after the successful fundraising and completion of the renovation of the building
1976 First recording session of 11 songs he remembered from his childhood in session with Jane Myers
1990  Retired from Harvard Hillel; became Rabbi Emeritus

Publication of Tradition and Contemporary Reality: Sermons and Talks of Rabbi Ben-Zion Gold

  2002  Publication of Boston Review article, “The Diaspora and the Intifada: The Responsibility of American Jews,” based on April 2002 talk at Harvard Hillel
2003-2010 Jane Myers returns to record 16 more songs
 2007 His book, The Life of Jews in Poland before the Holocaust: A Memoirpublished by University of Nebraska Press
 October 14, 2012 Touching the Memory: Songs Remembered from a Childhood in Poland, a CD of recordings collected by Jane Myers released at an event at Harvard Hillel
  April 8, 2013  Interviewed for the Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project
 April 18, 2016  Died in his home, Cambridge, Massachusetts